Securitech- Trident Multi-Point Exit Lock

Here's a new type of aftermarket lock system being installed on commercial doors that still meets fire codes for rapid egress. While this door looks formidable, a well trained FF with a set of Irons should be able to gain access fairly rapidly.

Exterior Image of system mounted on a door, the three horizontal strips with bolt heads are not part of the Trident system.

Descriptive points

  • Instant self-locking deadbolt protection each time the door closes
  • 4 point locking (the door above has 6)
  • Stainless steel anti-pry plate
  • Stainless steel thru-bolt plates
  • Hinge side locking bolt/s protrude from door into the frame, these do not retract
  • Pushing the panic paddle retracts the deadbolts on the lock side

Interior image of the system

Forcing This Door

Start conventionally on the lock side with the Adz end slightly above or below the center pry plate, gap/crush the door and gain access to the backside of the door, place the Adz behind the door, begin prying out, capture the progress and identify where the resistance  is coming from, move to the top where the bolt is and repeat the process, move to the bottom bolt and repeat as well.  The door should go. Don't get side tracked by attacking the hinge side bolts, they will pull out of the frame when you open the door conventionally.


Check out this video on the Trident system from Securitech.