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About our Instructors

Our instructors have a variety of different backgrounds and experience that range from working for the Fire Department of New York (FDNY) to some of the busiest Truck and Engine companies in the Northwest. Our members have backgrounds in USAR, military, and building construction. Most of our instructors started as volunteers with small, under staffed rural and suburban departments before they joined their career departments.


All this leads to well rounded instructors who have been in your shoes and understand how to replicate real world situations with industry standard tools of the trade, fabricated training props, and acquired structures. You will be able to leave our classes and put these new skills to work the next day- no matter what size your department is. You will be able to sit at the kitchen table of your firehouse the next morning and share this info with your brothers and sisters, essentially helping us accomplish our mission.



Cody Trestrail

Founder / Instructor

Cody started his Fire Service career in 1995 at a small combination department, then was hired by the FDNY, working on Ladder 119 in Brooklyn. He became a member of the special operations command (SOC), assigned to Squad 1 in Brooklyn. He is the founder of the training group Brothers In Battle, LLC and the Firemanship Conference Portland. He now works for Portland Fire & Rescue, assigned to Engine 31.

He has instructed numerous subjects at his departments training academy, as well as at the company, battalion and department-wide levels and has taught with Brothers In Battle both nationally and internationally. He is also a founding member of the First Whip Fools and a member of the non profit organization Sons Of The Flag. He is happily married to his wife of 17 years and has two beautiful daughters.


mcbride bio.jpg

Chris McBride


Chris has been working for the Vancouver Fire Department since 2003 and is a firefighter on Engine 5. He has instructed recruits at the academy, company drills and department training, as well as classes for other departments. He is a team leader with the Region 4 Technical Rescue Team and an instructor for Rope and Water Rescue. Chris also developed a personal bailout system that has been issued to all members of the Vancouver Fire Dept.

Fullerton Bio Pic.png

Matt Fullerton


Matt is a Firefighter on Engine 31, the busiest Engine Company in the city of Portland, Oregon. His Fire Service career started in 1997 as a cadet, then as a volunteer, and overseas contractor. Matt was heavily involved in the implementation of a static 1 3/4" load at Portland Fire; wrote a chapter for their Training Manual on "Advancing Charged Handlines"; and is developing a Water Supply Operational Guideline for the department. His main focus as an instructor is forcible entry and engine company operations.


Chris Fukai


 Chris “Fook” Fukai rides a truck in Portland. He’s really old, but can probably kick your ass at everything. Fook is the second shortest BIB instructor.

materi bio.jpg

Josh Materi


Josh started his Fire Service career in 1998. He currently works for the Seattle Fire Department assigned to Rescue 1. Josh has taught at several regional and national training conferences as well as the Tacoma Area Technical College. Josh worked in building construction before joining the Fire Service.


Jeremy Stuart


Jeremy is a senior truckman in Vancouver, has a whole pile of kids, and is the second tallest BIB instructor.


Ryan Mills


Ryan’s fire service career started in 1999. He spent 4 years as a Navy Corpsman, and served a combat tour in Iraq after 9/11. He instructed Advanced Combat Trauma Management to deploying Special Warfare Units, and is a Regional Director for Team Rubicon. Ryan works for Portland Fire & Rescue, assigned to Station 11 in southeast Portland. Legend has it that Ryan is the world tallest ginger.


Jasen Stensgaard


Jasen began his journey in 1994 by fighting wildland fires for 7 seasons, 4 of which were on the Union Interagency Hotshot crew. He got hired in 2003 by Portland Fire and Rescue, is currently assigned to Truck 7 and is on the State HazMat Team in southeast Portland. Jasen is the handsomest BIB instructor.


Anthony Braxton


Anthony began his fire service career as a volunteer with KCFD 20, located just outside of Seattle. He was hired by Portland Fire and Rescue in 2003 and is currently assigned to Truck 7 and the State Hazmat Team in southeast Portland. He has instructed company through department level training.


Mark Tilden


Mark “Tilly” Tilden began his fire service career in 1998 and has been a firefighter with Portland Fire & Rescue since 2005. He spent much of his career on Engine 7 and the State Hazmat Team in southeast Portland. He is currently the Training Academy Captain. Mark has experience in the building trades and fire service skills instruction. Tilly tried to die on us once, and is banned from ever doing so again.

olson bio.png

Brian Olson


Brian “Ogre” Olson is a firefighter for the Eagle Fire Department and is assigned to T41. He is known for only sleeping while having a conversation, being mistaken as a “hobo firefighter” by local police, and always wearing two-layers of flannel. He has an obsession with killing his own meat and anything Idaho wilderness. He has been a grunt since birth, growing up on a small farm and working for the family excavation company. His father once said, “he’s a volunteer firefighter now, and a professional ditch-digger. Someday, he’ll be a professional firefighter and a volunteer ditch-digger,” which to this day has held true. He believes hard work does not get you where you want to be…hard work, is where you want to be.

tyler bio.png

Stephen Tyler


Stephen Tyler is a backstep firefighter in Idaho. He enjoys pulling lines, pulling locks, and pulling barbells. Stephen hosts the Refined By Fire Podcast, which is really just a ruse to get smart and interesting people to talk to him. Stephen is a dad to three kids and husband to a lovely, long-suffering wife.

clapp bio.png

Brock Clapp


Brock Clapp has been a career firefighter with Meridian Fire since 2007. He serves as a firefighter on Engine 31/Truck 31. Brock is a proud father, a bag piper, a fly-fisherman, and a fire nerd. As a member of his departments training division cadre, he has developed and instructed recruit, company, and department level training. Brock has also instructed at local and regional conferences.

mors bio.png

Ben Mors


Ben Mors began his fire career with the Forest Service spending 3 years on a Type 1 Hotshot crew. He began volunteering with Eagle Fire in 2005 and was hired as a full time firefighter in 2007. Ben was able to attend the Riverside truck academy in 2009 and has been an adjunct instructor with the Quad County Truck Academy in Eagle, Idaho since it began in 2011. He has Avalanche 1 and 2 certifications and has begun to assist in teaching those classes as well as being an assistant ski guide in Canada in 2014. Ben currently holds the rank of Driver/Engineer.


Ben Rosenbaum


Ben “Roach” Rosenbaum has been in the fire service for over 15 years at the Eagle Fire Department. Along with teaching in local and regional classes, he is an instructor and has been the coordinator for the Quad County Truck Academy since 2011. After serving as the Eagle Fire Department’s Training Captain he is now working as a Suppression Captain on T41. Ben’s passion in the fire service is ensuring those around him are trained to the highest standards. He is a believer in mentoring and capitalizing on other’s strengths. Ben is 4’ 13” tall and is the owner of BIB’s finest mustache.

stokke bio.png

Brian Stokke


Brian’s career in the Fire Service started in 2002 as a resident volunteer firefighter. He now rides backward for Seattle Fire Department. He worked in building construction before entering the Fire Service.




Rob Fisher


 Rob is a Battalion Chief with Snohomish County District 7 Fire Department. Rob is the senior man at BIB, by virtue of literally being the oldest man at BIB.

Jason Ellison




Josh Maggard


Josh drives an engine at Eagle Fire Department, where he first joined the fire service 15 years ago. He is involved with training at department and regional levels. Maggard used to get paid to take people down Class IV whitewater and climb the tallest mountains in North America.

Justin McWilliams


Justin “Wild Card” McWilliams has been in the fire service since 2000 and wears a red hat for Clackamas Fire District #1.