Firemanship Conference Portland 2017

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Don’t miss out on the the ultimate Firemanship experience!

REGISTRATION OPENS ONLINE JUNE 30th!  (website will be updated by then)

3 days of lectures, all 2hrs, everyone will listen to every speaker (NO Tracks). We will also have 3 very special guests, 1 Firefighter who has survived burn injuries share their story each day!

New for this year is 2 days of (HOT) clasess! To include the Nozzle forward program, Tactical Extrication, DIY Engine & Standpipe operations, West Coast Offense / vertical vent, East coast truck trade skills (Ground ladders, Coordinated horizontal vent, VES outside the box & beyond the door).

The U cut – Pro Active Truck / RIT Ops On Board Ups

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Much has been discussed on our job as it relates to pro active operations or softening the building. While this usually focuses on tasks such as throwing ladders, removing window bars, forcing open doors or opening boarded up windows on vacant / abandoned buildings (Yes, we believe they’re occupied until our search proves otherwise), often overlooked is the discipline of coordinated ventilation or the prevention of over-ventilating the building unless fire attack crews and search crews are ready for it all while still softening the building!


Firemanship Conference – Portland, OR 2016

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This conference started out as a dream over 3 years ago! I never imagined that it would actually  come to fruition and now we are only days away from trying to pull off this event.

Below link / PDF  is the speakers bio’s, conference and social event schedules! Also check out the website for further details.

Firemanship Bios Schedule Events

The goal was simple, provide great training for Firefighter’s by bringing in some of our most respected and influential leaders in the fire service, all while raising awareness and money for a great cause!

Just Open The Floor For Discussion…

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New construction in single family dwellings.

Open floor plans: a floor plan without fully enclosed spaces for distinct rooms. (i.e. living room, dining room, kitchen)

Open Kitchens: kitchens that are not walled off from the living space.

Both of these are a staple in new construction and it’s tough these days to find many houses being built that don’t have at least an open kitchen. Below is a couple pics of “Google Trends” which are a record of how often people searched for open floor plans or open kitchens on Google in the United States over the last 10 years. The interest is only climbing and shows no signs of slowing down. (The Blue Line represents searches for “Open Floor Plan”, the Red Line represents searches for an “Open Kitchen”.)

Vent, Enter, Search: Turning A Blind “I”…

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(Photo by Dick Harris)

You don’t have to look very far to see the positive aspect of the ongoing discussion of VES and VEIS. The positive is at least people are talking about one of the most dynamic and under-utilized tactics in the fire service. There’s no question whether you’ve embraced the “I” from the sky or not, most of us can agree that when you vent, enter and search you put yourself in a very advantageous position to locate and remove a potential victim.

What is Impossible?: The 35′ Engine Company Ladder

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It seems that just about everything is up for debate in the fire service. Firefighters are jacks-of-all-trades and that includes the ancient art of debate. We argue about the big things, like safety of roof operations and tactical priorities. We argue the small things, like whether to carry six- or eight-pound axes, and the proper color of fire engines. Wanna sit back and be entertained? Place a combination nozzle and a smooth bore on the kitchen table at shift change. Better than the movies, and the refreshments are cheaper.

One thing that seems nearly universally agreed upon is the complement of ground (or portable) ladders for an engine company. These are understood to be a 14′ roof ladder and a 24′ extension ladder. While Firefighter 1 training teaches us two-person carries for 24’s and two or three-person carries for 35’s, it is widely accepted – and in many places, expected – that a single firefighter should be able to perform a 24′ ladder carry and raise. There are myriad training resources for a firefighter who wants to learn a single person 24′ ladder.

One problem.

We don’t all carry 24′ extension ladders.

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