Rescue Mode

The photos below are a rescue by the Gresham (OR) Fire Department. This same fire could happen all over the country, as most cities have areas where window bars are present on commercial and residential buildings. Use this example to ask a few tactical questions: 1) Your engine company is first to arrive, with this person showing at the window, do you go into Rescue Mode? What does this mean for your department? Do you send your crew to the window to begin removal? Do you send your crew through the front door with a line? Do you split your crew and attempt both?

2) Where would your engine crew place the first line in a similar situation? Where would you send the second line?

3) If your truck company was delayed or a saw wouldn't start, what is your next best removal option for window bars? Is your engine equipped to rescue a victim in this situation?

On November 29th, Gresham Fire responded to a residential fire, and arrived to find fire venting from a window in the Bravo/Charlie corner of a one story manufactured home. Window bars were found on all windows and there was a barred  security door on the front door.  An occupant appeared at a Alpha side window, with smoke rolling over his head and window bars blocking his exit. The man was handed an SCBA mask while the bars were cut. Crews were able to cut the bottom brackets on both sides to hinge the bars up and pull him from the window.

Thanks to Greg Muhr for taking these excellent photos!