Episode 9: Chris "Stretch" Martin

Stretch BIo.jpg

"What can I do to be that guy on my department?"

Chris "Stretch" Martin join us for Episode 9. Since entering the fire service as a high school cadet in 1996, Stretch has had an uncommon path through the profession. Serving as a firefighter during college at Notre Dame (which staffs its own standalone FD), a part-time FF, career FF, and multiple roles over two stints with Elkhart Brass, where he now operates as the Municipal Products Manager.  

Stretch walks us through his unique perspective on the fire service, the Brass Tacks and Hard Facts video series, great fire conferences, ditching the 1" tip on your ISO stack, classic literature, and ... the InstaPot? 


The Instant Pot

Inspired by his choice for "What every firefighter should read": 100 Books Every Man Should Read

Jay Comella's Planning a Hose and Nozzle System


Brass Tacks and Hard Facts YouTube



This podcast features the song “Spray Paint it Gold”, by Little Glass Men, available under a Creative Commons Attribution license.

Stephen Tyler