Episode 5: Dena Ali

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"If you're making it about you, then you're doing it wrong."

Dena Ali is our guest on Episode 5 of Refined By Fire . Dena is a 10 year veteran of the fire service -- having previously spent several years in law enforcement -- and serves as a Captain with Raleigh Fire Department. She's a board member for the incredible benevolence organization, the Carolina Brotherhood. She's an avid fitness junkie and an advocate with 5-5-5 Fitness. Dena is a prolific author and researcher, with over a dozen articles in national publications. Dena's writing niche comes in the form of conducting and/or studying academic research and then applying it to the fire service. Some great articles Dena has written that are discussed in the show:

Understanding Fire Service Suicide, the Key to Prevention

Awareness Level Firefighter Suicide Prevention

Also check out the November 2017 hard copy issue of Fire Engineering (Firefighter Wellness Supplement) for Dena's excellent article titled, Can Peer Support Prevent Firefighter Suicide? In this piece, Dena presents research by Dr. Thomas Joiner of Florida State University, including this theory:


PEER SUPPORT RESOURCES: Create, join, or receive peer support.

IAFF Behavioral Health Programs

Illinois Firefighter Peer Support

Florida Firefighters Safety and Health Collaborative

North Carolina Peer Support

If you or someone you know is having thoughts of suicide, PLEASE CALL (24/7):

Safe Call Now: 206-459-3020

National Suicide Prevention Hotline: 1-800-273-8255

Seriously, these resources save lives. Please consider getting involved as a Peer Supporter in your department or region. 

Books discussed:

The Last Men Out by Tom Downey

Podcast Referral:

Behind the Shield Podcast: Episode 39, Dustin Hawkins


This podcast features the song “Spray Paint it Gold”, by Little Glass Men, available under a Creative Commons Attribution license. 



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