Episode 3: Brian Yonkin

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“You can do your job here, and it’s f-ing awesome.”

Brian Yonkin is a third-generation firefighter working in Harrisburg, Pa, where he’s currently the driver of Tower 2. Brian is a part of the team which created and continues to run the Art of Firemanship Days training conference, and serves on the editorial board of the excellent Art of Firemanship Journal.

In our talk with Brian, we covered a lot of ground. We discuss fitness for firefighters (5/3/1), the idiosyncrasies of fighting fires in rowhomes, how his time as a kitchen manager prepared him for life in the fire service, The Lessons are in the Ring, and the Four Pillars of his life and how he manages them to achieve balance and success.

Books mentioned by Brian:

Seven Habits of Highly Effective People

As a Man Thinketh

Third Circle Theory: Purpose Through Observation

The Dip

Books mentioned by Stephen:




This podcast features the song “Spray Paint it Gold”, by Little Glass Men, available under a Creative Commons Attribution license.

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