Episode 1: Gary Lane


“And I think sometimes in the fire service, maybe we need reminded that the job is really nasty when you truly go to work.”

Refined by Fire kicks off Episode 1 with the indomitable Gary Lane. Gary is a twenty-year backseat fireman, now doing the job in Northeast Ohio. He is the owner of Rogue Fire, LLC, and an alumnus of the Fire Service Warrior movement. Gary is renowned as a no-BS instructor with an insistence on keeping training as realistic as possible. Gary has presented at many of America’s premiere fire conferences: The Art of Firemanship Days, Andy Fredericks Training Days, Firemanship Conference, and FDIC.

We dive into Gary’s first life as an aspiring skateboarder, how junior members can have an impact on the fireground, working harder not smarter (“We already have enough smart people”), the importance of simplicity, The Book of Five Rings, and much more.  


The Book of Andy

Art of Firemanship Journal, Winter 2017

Art of Firemanship Journal, Summer 2016

Art of Firemanship Journal, Winter 2016

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------This podcast features the song “Spray Paint it Gold”, by Little Glass Men available under a Creative Commons Attribution license.

Stephen Tyler