Quick Drill- Flat Roof Priorities

The duties of the Roof position covers 3 broad area's of importance (Life, Communication and Ventilation).

You've got your tools, you've made the climb, now what ?

The following is a list of priorities and the sequence they should be made in. As always these are recommended best practices intended to give you direction when your adrenaline has kicked in and you're working in anger.

1- Roof size-up (2nd means of egress, hazards, conditions, etc.)

2- Vent over interior stairs /  skylights- Look for the biggest first, this is usually the sky light over the stairs. Notify crews you're taking glass or take 1 pain first, wait a few seconds then take the rest to allow crews underneath to take cover / hug a wall if necessary. Make sure to check for a draft stop and open a return to check for fire in the cock loft.

3- Perimeter search / Urban 360- Check the rear, sides, light wells and shafts for Life, Fire and layout. Report findings to command and crews operating.

4- Bulkhead- Force / open bulkhead door and skylight, check for victims and provide ventilation.

5- Scuttles / Hatches- Open any and all scuttles and hatches

6- Top floor windows- Provide horizontal ventilation opposite the hose line if possible. This should be co-ordinated with the interior crews. (A hook may reach or tie off a halligan & throw it over to vent windows).

7- Cut vent hole- Utilize saws or hand tools to cut a hole if it's a top floor fire or fire is found in the cock loft.

This is just a general overview of flat roof priorities, each of these priorities should be broken down individually and trained on. Training, tricks of the trade and an understanding of these priorities will allow you to make the roof and perform all of these tasks in a relatively short amount of time.