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Basic Irons Class

Course Overview

This is our bread & butter class! A lot can be accomplished on the fireground with only hand tools.
This course is designed to help you develop the skills and good habits necessary to master the craft of forcible entry with some of our most traditional, tried and true tools of the trade. When lives are on the line and seconds count are you confident in your ability to use these tools proficiently? Is it bevel to door or bevel to jamb? Are there multiple locks? Is your partner stretching the line and you’re at the door by yourself? You’re RIT on the “C” side of a commercial building doing your 360 when a “MAY DAY” comes in for members trapped in the rear, is there a drop bar? Your saw is in the front, now what? Remember sometimes seconds due count, gain the confidence to overcome these situations on the fire ground by taking this hands on 9 hour course using only the irons and conventional tools.
Our Classes are taught by experienced FF’s using the best props available that closely mimic many real world forcible entry challenges. We also use displays and laminated pictures of actual challenges that will help lead discussions that will be reinforced with plenty of hands on repetitions.
The course is presented in two sections, Residential in the morning and Commercial in the afternoon with a 30 minute lunch in between. The day will finish with timed team evolutions using multiple techniques in sequence to overcome real world forcible entry challenges, the winning team members will each receive a pair of modified channel locks.

Course Objectives

This course is designed to help Firefighters develop the skills and habits necessary to master the craft of conventional forcible entry using some of our most important tools of the trade.
Upon completion of this course Firefighters will be able to dress and set up their tools for success, perform a rapid size up to identify and defeat multiple forcible entry challenges, account for door control, effectively use commands to enhance communication, develop safe striking techniques, and perform the appropriate standardized techniques while working alone or as part of a team while maintaining a plan A, B and C for a given situation.
Firefighters will learn standardized, predictable communication and techniques that are necessary for a safe and successful operation.
To effectively mitigate a high stress, unpredictable event, we must be able to communicate to all rescue members our intent and predict each other’s actions based on standardized training and techniques.

Topics and Skills

Locked cyclone gates
Forcing & Breaking Pad locks
Security screen doors
2 FF inward opening door
1 FF inward opening door Wood jamb / Baseball bat swing
Window bars- (prying)
Commercial buildings
2 FF outward opening
1 FF outward opening
Defeat actual drop bar & carriage bolts (“C” side doors)
Thru the lock- mortise locks, panic hardware (“A” side glass doors)
Overcome skinning real metal doors with the Tunneling/Crush Techniques


10 Hours

Advanced Irons Class

Course Overview

The Advanced Irons & Saw Class expands on the techniques from the Basic Irons Class and adds many new challenges and tools. The class begins with a hands on review of basic conventional inward and outward opening door techniques, followed by a comprehensive forcible entry saw overview to include safe starting & handling techniques, daily / weekly checks, blades, blade changes, inboard vs outboard mounting & trouble shooting techniques.
This will bring us to our advanced skills stations covering both residential & commercial forcible entry challenges that involve Irons & saw work.
This class in addition to the Basic Irons Class is designed to provide a solid base for most fireground forcible entry challenges. The class will conclude with all students participating in timed team evolutions, with the winning team members each receiving a mini halligan bottle opener.

Advanced skills topics

Dead-end or confined hallways/bottom of stairway: Learn to work as a team in confined entryways.
No visibility: Putting conventional Irons skills together in a limited to no visibility environment with diminished communications due to wearing a mask.
Residential garage / overhead doors: Students will learn multiple methods to cut and secure residential & commercial doors.
Open Grate style roll downs: Students will learn how to defeat these specialized gates with TTL techniques & cutting techniques.
OVM / Outward opening door work: methods for additional leverage and use of limited tools.
Window bar removal: Learn how to quickly cut & clear a window bar system from both ground level and off ladders.
Roll down gates: Students will learn efficient techniques to create the largest openings in the shortest period of time, how to pull slats & defeat the common locking mechanisms with these gates.
Pad locks and hockey puck locks: Learn to identify locks that can be easily pried from those that must be cut, and how to use a saw to cut difficult locks & chain in awkward positions.
“A” side glass doors: Learn how to Gap & Cut one of the most common commercial entry doors with a saw.
“C” side outward opening doors & drop bars: Learn to cut shield guards, dead bolts, carriage bolts, and hinges followed by conventional Irons work to get thru these doors when seconds count.


10 Hours

1st Due Search 4 THEM

We will use Tempo, experience, data (from actual documented rescues), and building construction knowledge to prepare ourselves and position ourselves to put THEM first while arriving 1st due in the residential setting.

We will perform a flanked approach covering 1st due Engine stretching, forcing, flowing and search responsibilities in addition to 1st due Truck forcing and search responsibilities with an inside team and outside team focus on split / oriented search & VES that will have us occupying the interior places where the highest percentage of victims are found within the first 4 minutes of arrival to put THEM first.

Duration: 10 Hours (1 day class) or 20 Hours (2 day class)

"Irons Ready"

This course will focus on the BIG 4 through the main paths of egress. It will give you the skills to pull up 1st due on the Engine or Truck with any staffing level and be ready to use our tools of the trade to gain access and make the move.

You will stretch the line, use 1FF & 2 FF techniques on both inward and outward opening doors, work in limited to zero visibility environments, perform the initial interior size up of Life, Fire & Layout, buy back time with masking up proficiency, advance through the main path of egress while flowing and searching to make the grab!

You will FORCE - FLOW - GRAB - GO within the first 4 minutes in order to put THEM first!

Duration: 10 Hours

VES: Beyond The Door

Beyond the door is not just speaking about physically searching beyond the door but thinking outside the check box that has consumed most VES training. 

We will use experience, statistics and tempo to occupy the spaces where victims are most likely to be found and put THEM first! 

Real world scenario’s will reinforce basic VES skills and when, why, or how to move beyond these limitations. Some situations include: what to do if there is no door to control, can multiple FF's perform VES, do conditions allow us to continue the search beyond the door, how to deal with access / egress problems, hoarder conditions and victim removal issues. 

Duration: 10 hours



Searching For THEM: Why We Go Inside

Firefighters have been attacking fires from the interior for at least 200 years. The reason? It puts you in the best position to apply water directly to the seat of the fire and it puts you in position to occupy the areas of the structure where victims are found.

This class will focus on the second half of that reasoning. We will use experience, data (from actual documented rescues), fire behavior and building construction / layout knowledge to prepare ourselves to put THEM first.

Performing searches should not be an afterthought, it should be regarded as our highest mission on the fire ground..

Come participate in the tradition of sharing knowledge and experience, we will solidify the reason why we go inside.

Duration: Can be done in a 1hr, 1hr 45m-2hrs, or a 4hr session