Yeah, we've got a podcast! Introducing Refined By Fire

At Brothers In Battle, we like to talk about “spreading the poison”. This is our tongue-in-cheek way of characterizing the grassroots nature of our movement; that is, from one firefighter, to another, on to another, and so on. The vast majority of the techniques, systems, and beliefs we teach were not invented by us. These things were passed down by our predecessors - the senior men and women who left it better than they found it. We are simply attempting to hone and perfect them for use by the next generation.


In the same vein, Brothers In Battle announces it’s newest venture, the Refined By Fire Podcast: a Living History of America’s Fire Service.


Refined By Fire is borne out of the the belief that stories are the living incarnation of truth. Nothing can be more true or real that what has actually taken place. Our mission is to unearth the stories of great firefighters. In understanding their successes and failures, we learn from it to better ourselves. In doing so, we honor those who came before us, and we honor those who we serve.


RBF can be found on iTunes, Pocket Casts (for you Android folks), or can be streamed directly from the website. We should also be live on Stitcher very shortly. Thanks for listening! If you like it, please consider passing it on by sharing on social media. If you have criticism or suggestions, we'd love to hear it! You can reach Stephen at



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