Trade Talk Series: Primary Search w/ Jerry Smith 9/15/17

Brothers In Battle is excited to bring back Jerry Smith of Baltimore City Fire to the Pacific NW to expand on his Firemanship Conference 2017 presentation of Primary Search: From The Front Door To Through The Window!

There will be two opportunities to catch Jerry's 4hr presentation, an AM session or PM session!

Location: Portland Fire Training Center- West Wing Classroom  4800 NE 122nd Ave Portland, OR 97230

Date: Friday September 15th

Time: 0900 - 1300 or 1400 - 1800

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Class Description: The Primary Search: “From the front door, to through the window” 

The primary search (PS) should be a multi-prong attack on the fire building yielding both the best chances of firefighters locating victims in the fastest manner possible and to offer the victim the best chance of survival by a firefighter locating and isolating that victim from advancing fire conditions within the fire building.  This lecture will examine how firefighters conduct effective and aggressive primary searches that start both at the front door and the upper floors of the fire building.  The PS requires firefighters forcing entry and searching the first floor as well as making entry to upper floors via portable ladders and searching the bedroom areas.  The PS lecture will be broken down into 2 MAIN segments: the interior search and Vent, Enter, Search (VES).  VES will be a large part of the discussion, including the history of VES and how firefighters should perform this maneuver in a disciplined and smart manner.  Also, a strong emphasis will be placed on locating the interior stairwell and maintaining the stairwell’s integrity as firefighters search on and above the fire floor.  Finally, additional functions of the truck company that will be addressed are forcible entry and portable ladders.

JERRY SMITH JR. is a Philadelphia native where he started his Fire Service career in 1995 as a volunteer firefighter; following his Father’s footsteps.  Next, he received a BBA from Loyola University Maryland in 2001, which ultimately introduced him to the City of Baltimore.  In 2004, Jerry joined the ranks of the Baltimore City (MD) Fire Department as a FF/PM.  He spent 8 years riding “the step” assigned to Truck Company 15 located in East Baltimore; the last single Truck house of the FD.  After T15’s disbandment in 2012, Jerry was re-assigned to Rescue Company 1 where he currently serves as a Firefighter.   He is also associated with Leadership Under Fire, Inc. serving as a tactical instructor.

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