New Training Props

The Brothers in Battle crew spent last weekend helping a construction company demolish a local mall. They were generous enough to let us remove over 75 steel security doors, 6 aluminum storefront gates, 50+ padlocks, dozens of Adams Rite cylinders, and over 100 high-strength steel hinges. All of this will become training materials for upcoming Forcible Entry classes.

We also shot some training videos of cutting hinges and security gates with a circular saw, hinge removal with the Irons, and Adams Rite cylinder removal with an A-tool (Officer's tool).

Our new forcible entry door from Brass Eagle Fabrication should be arriving soon. These doors work great, and we can't wait to start beating on it...

Today we also finished mocking up another forcible entry prop that uses steel security doors for practicing conventional "outward swinging" forcible entry with the Irons.
There's a lot going on behind the scenes this month, and we look forward to offering our first Forcible Entry and Firefighter Survival classes in a few months.